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Model FP4815

This product is no longer in production.

Pressuremate Pressure Booster

The FP4815 Pressuremate is an obsolete whole-house pressure booster system.  It sensed water flow and would turn itself on to boost the water pressure by as much as 40 PSI.

This pump was made obsolete.  We have maintained this listing for those who own the pump and need information.  The Owner's Manual can be downloaded from the Resources section below.  There is a replacement parts list in the manual if you need to rebuild or repair your existing pump.

If you are looking to replace your FP4815, we no longer offer a similar item.  But our sister company, Simer, does offer a nearly identical pump.  You can find Simer online at www.simerpump.com


3 year limited warranty



Owner's Manual: FP4815