What is a 4 inch Submersible Pump?




What is a 4” Submersible Pump?

·         Show Delivers water from a well to a household
Pumps water from depths to 400'

What are the Types of 4” Submersible Pumps?

·         2-wire pumps have all the start controls located in the motor
3-wire pumps require the addition of a control box, which is mounted above-ground and contains the start components. 3-wire pumps offers the advantage that if anything fails in the starting components, the owner can replace the control box without having to pull the pump out of the well.

Deep Well 4” Submersible Pumps

·         Used on applications where the depth to water is 25'-400'.
Mainly used for household water supply from a well or open water source with cooling sleeve.
These pumps should be used with Standard or Precharged pressure tanks.

What about Tanks?

Tank size is critical for submersible pump use. If tank is too small, short pump life results, whereas extra tank capacity adds to pump life. Tank size should allow for minimum 1-minute pump runtime. Pump motors are designed for 20 starts per hour at maximum during peak use; more starts can lead to pump failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I determine 2 or 3-wire?
If the wiring goes from the pressure switch directly to the pump, then it is a 2-wire pump. 3-wire pumps will have a control box between the pressure switch and the pump.

Q. What horsepower pump do I need?
See Performance chart. Replace existing pump with same horsepower.

Q. Are there additional items I need?
Control box (3-wire), pressure switch, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, well seal or well cap, pitless adapter, splice kit, safety cable/rope and torque arrestor.

IMPORTANT: These pumps must have a minimum well diameter of 4". These pumps need to be sized properly to the water depth in the well to prevent short pump life. See performance chart or call customer service for sizing. When used in open bodies of water, cisterns, lakes, etc., the pump should be kept vertical and mounted in a cooling sleeve.